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Free Autoresponder Software Alternative To Paid Autoresponder Software

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Autoresponder software is simple software which helps in sending mass emails to unlimited email ids. This software is an ideal aid in managing online marketing of products and services. Autoresponder software generally works on a real time basis as well as on a periodical basis.

It responds immediately to any customer query by providing solution to that particular query via email. The software is very useful in keeping a strict vigil on the movement of client traffic. It plays an invaluable role in sending out information and soliciting potential clients. Autoresponder can also be used to send newsletters to keep the customer updated about new products and services. This software helps in effective client servicing. Providing after sales service has never been so easy with the use of this software.

There are other innumerable benefits of using this software. Apart from increasing efficiency, the software saves time. The user can focus on other core activities of the business. The time which is saved by using this software can be used to target more clients and thus increasing sales and profits.

Free autoresponder and Paid autoresponder:

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Autoresponder softwares are basically of two types. There are free autoresponder software applications as well as paid ones available in the market. Free autoresponder softwares are embedded with advertisements. Paid autoresponder software are devoid of any ads. One big factor that distinguishes free from the paid autoresponder softwares are the features that form part of the software package.

However having limited features help the user to get used to the software first. Once the user gets familiarised with the limited features of free autoresponder, he can opt for paid autoresponder.

The features that separate the free and non free autoresponder software are very few. Apart from the cost factor, the only difference in feature is that while using free autoresponder, one can send mails only to a limited number of people at a time. Also free responder does not keep count of the number of customers with similar queries. Also free autoresponder can only keep track of enquiry hits on the website. It cannot track client queries and traffic on other places where advertisements have been placed.

Free autoresponder cannot manage a database on its own. Instructions have to be given from time to time to make sure that the free software is sending out appropriate mails at the appropriate time.

Free autoresponder and paid autoresponder which is better?

It is always advisable to use free autoresponder first till familiarity is achieved. Once one becomes familiar with the use of the software, one can go for the paid version of the software with increased features. In terms of features, paid autoresponder software come fully loaded with all the features. Also it depends on the user and his requirements. If the mailing list is very short, then free autoresponder is just fine.

We can conclusively say that autoresponder software is definitely a boon for all those who rely on internet as a marketing tool to promote their products and service.

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