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Autoresponder Services – Intelligent Service For Your Company

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AutoResponder Comparison Table


Autoresponder is computer software, which replies automatically to a sent email.

The response sent by autoresponder to an email is called an autoresponse.

Types of autoresponder services:

Outsourced type:

This is the paid type of autoresponder service. The customer is provided service by a company, which stores all the required data, and the customer is given access to the settings through internet.

Various companies provide a trial version, for a month or two, so that the customers can experience the services and benefits of autoresponder.

Free type:

This is a free type of autoresponder service. The customer can download the software from various websites, but the services provided are limited than compared to the paid type.

Use of autoresponder:

When autoresponder was programmed, it was first introduced in the mail servers.

The function of mail servers is to accept an email, sent from the sender, and then forward it to the given address. If the email was not sent due to any problem, the sender would get the reply from mail server, that your email could not be delivered. This was the function of autoresponder in earlier days.

Nowadays, you can get an autoresponder according to your use, due to the diversity in the software design.

Website owners use autoresponder services frequently. This is because of the reason that they can’t send a personally written email to all the users.

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Limitation of autoresponders:

Due to free availability of autoresponder on internet, many people download it, but after few days they find that their email ID gets blocked.

This is due to the reason that autoresponder replies to emails without any discrimination. If a message contains virus, or if it is a forged mail, autoresponder will reply to it, but the reply is misdirected and it becomes a source of spam and hence, the autoresponder gets blocked.

Autoresponder at your service:

If your needs are simple, like just informing your customers that you have received their email or message, and you will reply to them as soon as possible, or if you want to inform about your status that you are out for a vacation and you will be back in three days, then you can use a free autoresponder service, which can be downloaded from internet.

If your use is complex, like if you are a website owner, and you need to send a specified reply for a particular type of email, like a proforma or a newsletter, you can buy autoresponder service from various companies providing this service, or you can buy it from the website designer.


Autoresponder is intelligent software, used in various companies, to satisfy their customers. It prevents a lot of time and labor, as in a company, one cannot reply to all the emails personally.

Autoresponder service has been proved beneficial to all the website users, and they purchase it happily by their choice.

It can send the same message to thousands of people at the same time, that’s why it has been graded as a great achievement in IT industry.

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