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Free Autoresponder - An Intelligent Software For E-Mail Marketing

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In simple words, autoresponder is software program, which replies automatically to an e-mail and therefore it is a very handy tool for e-mail marketing campaigns.

How do they work?

Autoresponders were first built to work on the mail servers, and they could automatically respond to an e-mail. The emails can also be sent out automatically if someone submits an online form that is configured to your software.

The main function of mail servers is to receive an e-mail, and then forward the pre-composed response to the recipient address. However, in the early days, some people faced problem sending out responses to the emails, due to which an e-mail would remain undelivered or reach their spam box. The newer counterparts are more technically sophisticated, which ensure that the e-mail reaches the recipient inbox rather than spam folders.

This undelivered mail could have been due to 3 reasons:

  • Reject: In this case incoming e-mail is not accepted by the receiving server.
  • Drop: Here the receiving server accepts the sent e-mail, but then determined it as spam, and this e-mail is delivered in “junk” folder.
  • Bounce: In this case the receiving server accepts full message, but then mail is determined as spam, and a bounce reply is sent to the sender, which says that message delivery has failed.

Autoresponders can be classified under two main categories:

  • Paid type: This is also known as Outsourced type service, in which the customer gets control on the settings through web.
  • Free type: free autoresponder is not too different from the paid type, but it could have limitations like size of the database, security and others. Some companies even offer 1 to 3 months of free trial software for testing their application.

Some companies misuse the free autoresponder, and they use it to send out their spam emails, which is sending out sales and solicitation emails without getting the permission from the recipients.

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Uses of free autoresponder:

  • They can inform the sender, that your mail has been received.
  • They can inform your status to the Recipients, and you can see also check the status of your sent emails.
  • You can send out newsletters by configuring the software application for specific time periods.
  • You will not have to spend money on employing people for sending out your company emails

Limitations with free autoresponder:

There are some limitations with the free options that are available. Many people download such free software from net, use the automated e-mail reply service, and after some time they find that their e-mail IDs have been blocked

This is because free autoresponder replies to all e-mails indiscriminately even if the e-mail is not relevant. Replying to this forged message in turn send misdirected mail and this application becomes a source of spam, thus it is blocked.

Autoresponder for your services:

If your needs are simple, like just sending mail as a response when somebody submits the online form, you can purchase something that does not have many features. You will be saving a lot of money on such type of auto response software.

If you want to send multiple messages using your autoresponder, or you want to send a message for a particular period of time, then you can get the one which has more customizing options.


Free autoresponder is available on various sites and they can be downloaded and used easily.

They can be graded as great achievement in IT industry. With their help, we can send same message to thousands of people at the same time, but the misuse of such applications should be discouraged.

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