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Manage Time Using Autoresponder Software

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As the name implies, Autoresponder software is clever or intelligent software that can respond automatically to your Emails. It is very useful especially for the website owners who wish to manage their marketing operations on-line and place their internet site on auto-pilot.

About Autoresponder

Autoresponder software is basically software that has the e-mail utility which can automatically reply to a message in an e-mail with the prewritten response when the particular e-mail appears in a specific Internet address or e-mail. This software is useful for individuals and also for Websites who have to respond to the user comments automatically.

Autoresponder software is also used by the enterprises to indicate or express that the on-line transaction was complete and will characteristically include an order evidence number in e-mail which is automatically created, and also sent to purchaser. At times you may obtain additional "follow up" messages subsequent to your request for information. Since the follow up mails are prewritten, the business owner need not take time to send out emails each time somebody buys something or requests for information.

Uses of Autoresponder

This software can be made use of to send emails as a response to your customers indicating and assuring that their message request has reached its destination plus it will be attended as soon as time permits you. Such messages reassure your promptness.

It can also be used in sending prospective customers information such as price list regarding your products, frequently asked questions or FAQ and some other fixed information. Those who are emailing that address get that message as a reply automatically.

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Autoresponder software can be used for sending email course modules. If you have three week course and the documents or course information has to be sent once a week to your students, you can simply ask them to send their email addresses to the autoresponder. Your autoresponder will reply your students about the course package in scheduled times.

Webmasters can also use this software to sell the courses. You can advertise a specific address by which the customers will receive a sample of your book or courses for free. The Autoresponder software then sends the prefixed chapters from the book or course to the customers for three successive days followed by a message to sign up or pay to receive further book or course if desired. Thus autoresponder segments plays as effective sales device to draw a customer to buy your product.

It can Handle subscription confirmation, subscribe and unsubscribe tasks for the regular newsletter and also maintain email addresses mailing list.

Types of Autoresponder software

Autoresponder software is of 2 types. One is called desktop based software. The other is server based which is actually autoresponder script called automatic email responder.

Server based Autoresponder have few advantages over the desktop based software.

  • You need not use your computer for running the email management system in autoresponder script type. The script exists in your server that runs almost all the time and thus you need not run your computer for 24 hours daily.
  • Your ISP will not shut you down, as you are using the internet resources of your server.
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