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Something You Should Know About Autoresponder Software

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This software has got loads of features that are highly appreciable like unlimited custom fields, multiple mailing lists, personalizing follow up messages, and much more. Apart from there are three things that you should be well aware when it comes to Autoresponder, and they are benefits and uses, system requirements and lastly, features.

Benefits and uses of Autoresponder software:

Sales tool: you can use this software as your sales tool. For any kind of service or to sell a product you can send unlimited follow up emails whenever you want, it works 24X7.

Up-Selling: Those who have purchased basic packages, you can provoke them or entice them to upgrade their product ones for better features. Send them up-sell messages constantly.

Newsletter and Ezine delivery: This features is a great one because once anyone registers with you, they will be sent an ezine and newsletter periodically automatically.

Motivational messages: With Autoresponder Software you can send motivational messages to all those people who are in your organization of sales.

After sales service: Now once a customer bought something you can keep a good care or you can keep them update about your new products with the assistance of the software.

Associate or MLM program: In any kind of Associate or MLM programs, there will be down lines and you can provide a very powerful yet handy tool to them through Autoresponder.

System requirements to install Autoresponder Software:

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Before you buy the software make sure to tally between the systems requirements of the software and your machine features. Below are some basic requirements that are required in order to install this software.

Operating system should be Windows 2000/NT or LINUX. UNIX as web server.

Perl version 5.005 or more with your CGI BIN.

For configuring and installing Autoresponder you should have FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access.

Your machine should have MySQL version 3.23 at least.

SMTP, Qmail or Sendmail

In order to access procmail or forward file a blank message has to be sent to the subscribers. Now with Autoresponder connecting to any email account using POP3 is very easy.

Features of Autoresponder Software:

Autoresponder has numerous features in them but only some of them are mentioned in here. Some of the best features are mentioned below:

For reliability and faster work use MySQL.

In your messages there will not be any kind of banners or ads. Neither any kind of monthly fee is required.

Installs in your server or web site for data security. You can access it for 356days a year.

You can even create unlimited number of Autoresponder messages and run them, including follow up messages.

You can do multitasking, that means you can send more than one broadcasts at same interval of time.

When the process will be over you will receive an email about the summary.

In Autoresponder Software you can create HTML or plain text messages.

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