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Why You Should Choose An Autorespondent With Tracking Capabilities

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So you've invested in an autorespondent software program for your business. You've used it to keep in contact with your customers; to send out bonuses and special offers; and to announce events, new products, and services.

But what good is it to use an autorespondent software program and not know the results of your email campaign? That's why you need an autorespondent software program with tracking capabilities.

With this kind of program, you can compile the numbers on who's getting your email campaigns. You can also measure how many people are clicking the links in your email messages and if there are a number of links, which links.

You can also measure how the response to one email campaign is different -- positive or negative -- from another. This information will allow you to tailor your message in a way that most benefits your business.

Who gets them?

If you are sending out emails with an autorespondent software program, it's important to know who is receiving them. If you're sending out say, 1,000 messages, wouldn't you want to know if 2,000 of them weren't being delivered?

Or if 256 of these messages bounced? Sure you would. If you've got detailed customer information, you can track how many of your autorespondent software campaigns are being delivered and who's getting them.

This is why you need a software program with tracking capabilities, so that you can follow these details and act on them.

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How many clicks? 

Businesses that are sending email campaigns with autorespondent software would benefit from knowing how many of their messages are read and clicked through on.

While there is no way to guarantee that any recipient of the email message reads and understands the contents, it is safe to guess that if someone clicks on one or more of the links in the message, that they are reading the email and understanding it enough to be interested in the information being offered.

An autorespondent software program with tracking capabilities can collect statistics on how many emails have been delivered and opened as well as which links are clicked on and how often. 

How does this campaign compare with others?

For businesses that send out multiple email campaigns with an autorespondent software program, a tracking component to it would allow for measuring how well one campaign does compared with another.

This way, businesses can test out new marketing copy, links, and more. Only with an autorespondent software program that features tracking ability is this possible.

Over time, a business that has this kind of autorespondent software in use can make educated decisions about what mailings to send to which customers. 

There are a number of reasons that you should choose an autorespondent software program that includes tracking capabilities.

With this kind of program, you can run targeted email campaigns on which you can track who gets these emails, who clicks on which links, and measure how different email campaigns are effective in comparison with each other.

With a tool like tracking ability as part of your autorespondent software program, you may see an improved performance in your email campaigns and that may translate into improved sales and business performance.

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Why You Should Choose An Autorespondent With Tracking Capabilities


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