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Things To Know Before Buying An Autoresponder

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AutoResponder Comparison Table


You have a business that you promote through the internet. You want to give a boost to it. So, you are interested and are ready to buy autoresponder software in this regard.

You know it will help you in attracting web traffic towards your website or products and services you offer.

But, before going to purchase an autoreponder, it is imperative to know about the autoresponders and the different services it can offer to do for you.

Also, whether you need all of them and in what way they will ultimately increase your sales potentials? These are the rudimentary things that should be looked into, before buying one from amongst the various autoresponder companies offer.

The different aspects of the works the autoresponder can do and should do are as follows  

1. Hosting service: The autoresponder software should be hosted by any server and it would be more prudent to enquire if the company that sells it can offer to host it at least on a temporary basis, if a webhosting company is not available to you. 

2. Fast delivery: In this age of internet, speed is important. So, the autoresponder software should be offered to be downloaded immediately and not after certain days or time.

This would tell you something about the reputation and professionalism of the company. Options of timely and free upgrade to newer versions and the support should also be carefully scrutinized before purchasing. 

3. Intelligent record keeping: The autoresponder should be able to keep a detailed record of the subscribers who viewed your websites or marketing campaign like the time and date, which subscriber accessed which link etc.

This would give a clear and purposeful insight into creating a target list. 

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4. Tracking time: Provisions should be there in the autoresponder to link the sending of messages at a particular date and time to any subscriber.

This would help in sending personal messages on birthdays, wedding anniversary dates etc, which goes a long a way in building an interactive a personal relationship with them.

There should a device to add a reminder which the autorespnder will send on that particular date. 

5. Proper handling of subscriber list: The management of the target list is an important aspect of any autoresponder.

Hence, it should be looked into, whether there exist proper and smart facility in it to categorize the target lists and sending different messages at different time intervals to them. 

6. Unlimited capacity: The autoresponder should be able to handle a huge email lists. This should be the basis while dealing with the price issues with the provider company. 

7. Unsubscribing facility: Sometimes, many clients or subscriber want to unsubscribe. So, easy and fast provision should be there for it. This saves their time as well as your time. 

8. Anti-spam protection: Facility for protection against spams is also an essential prerequisite that should be there the autoresponder. 

9. Template building: The autoresponder should be able to use the archived HTML templates to make it more attractive. 

10. Deleting and unsubscribing bounced emails: This device should also be expected in any good autoresoponder. These are the provisions, which should be looked into before purchasing an autoresponder.

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