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The Follow Up Autoresponder

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(A)- What Is An Autoresponder?

The Autoresponder is a software that enables sending emails automatically whenever you wish without physically doing it. The content and time can be programmed in it.

In other words, it is chronological, mechanized automated system. Autoresponders can absorb names, user locations and other vital informations which enable the responder to send emails to huge number people.

An autoresponder acts as one’s secretary but with an added advantage. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through out the year. 

(B)- Need Of Autoresponders

It is usually believed that autoresponders are basically used for marketing purposes. In fact there is more to it. 

Autoresponders are needed by doctors to send out notices alerting them of their next check up; by theaters to provide show times and event schedules, by the garage mechanics for sending reminders for oil change. 

It is also used by the schools as well to send reminders for parent/teacher meetings and other programs and updates about the students; by online marketers; by offices for various follow ups, among others. The list is endless.
There may be many uses of an autoresponder. It saves time in a lot of ways in many areas. It helps right from the time of prospecting to sales, from reminders to responding to frequently asked questions.

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(C)- Follow Up Autoresponder

There are various different autoresponders in the market in the sense that some might have different/more features as compared to others. One such type is the follow up autoresponder which, as the name suggests has follow up features.

Follow up autoresponders establish continued relationships through an automated chronology of personalized messages. As you know, the more the number of contacts, the more is the sales conversion. It helps in increasing the subscriber database.

With a follow up autoresponders you can follow up unlimited number of messages. You can also use the follow up autoresponder to be in touch with your subscribers for as long as you wish to.

You can also maintain after sale follow up. Some follow up autoresponders have mailing list manager features like broadcast emails.

(D)- Uses of Follow Up Autoresponders 

There are many advantages of a follow up autoresponder. Some of them are sited below. 

1. You can offer free email courses with it. This is a nice way to attract users and tempt them to subscribe. Once they subscribe, emails will be automatically sent at the programmed intervals. 

2. You can follow up your existing customers with follow up autoresponders. When a customer purchases a product, the name and email address filled in gets stored.

First, follow ups can be sent at regular intervals regarding your other products available. Then you can offer them a discount for other products. 

3. You can conduct polls and quizzes. A bunch of questions can be filled in the follow up autoresponder and can be programmed to be send one per day. And you add your product link to it and it ends up being advertised. 

4. You can also use your follow up autoresponder to send frequently asked questions, testimonials of products, product reviews, e-book chapters as samples and tutorials.

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