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Features Of Autoresponders

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Autoresponders are powerful software that can do various operations from the personal computers of yours. It has been largely used by people and companies to increase the volume of their client base and hence the business.

Since its utility is beyond any debate, the question is what are the facilities that are to be looked into, before buying and using one.

Features of the autoresponders

The autoresponders have many facilities to make the online business run more efficiently and smoothly. They are follows – 

1. They should work preferably from the personal computers, obviating any arrangement and cost towards servers. 

2. The autoresponders should be able to build the lists. Different lists should be made depending on the nature of customers, client or even the members. Separate contents and messages can be sent to each of them commensurating with the type of lists. 

3. The autoresponder should able to store and manage different custom fields. The more such fields can be created in the software, the better it is. By this, personalised messages could be sent to different members or group of members.

This personal touch is very important to build up a lasting rapport with the customer or client. Provision must be there to send templates, which would make the contact special. 

4. There should be devices in the autoresponder software to add the name, address of possible future clients from the email address lists like the outlook express etc.

Similarly, provision for exporting the lists from it to other programmes to analyse them is also desirable. 

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5. It should be understood that the more personalised the approach and communication is the more effective becomes.

To have the maximum personalised impact, addressing the contact by his name, is the most effective way that would to a certain extent, convince him to be a customer.

A message bearing the name of the contact is always preferable and effective to the general messages like ‘Dear member… ‘or ‘Dear customer’.

It is also a fact that, most people, who know anything about internet marketing, are well aware about the autoresponder-generated messages.

Hence, this personalised touch would at least serve as a way of showing your professionalism as business a enterpriser.

So, the autoresopnders software should have this facility in it, so that the personalised mail in form of addressing by the name could be done. 

6. The auto responders should be able to handle large numbers of messages and that too in quick time. After all, it is being used to save time. 

7. Sometimes, the messages and mails go to some unwanted and nonexistent addresses inadvertently, for which the undelivered messages mounts up jamming the server space.

Provision should be there in the autoresponders software, to check the addresses of the emails along with the lists that are there, before actually sending them. This would minimise such incidence. 

8. The spam checker should be used to check whether the mails are indeed not spam. Necessary changes can be made after piping through it. This ensures the email reaches its destination and is not blocked by the spam filters. 

These are some of the facilities that are desirable to have in an autoresponder.

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