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The Perfect Recipe For Writing A Sales Email

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A sales email serves no purpose and is, in fact, a complete waste of time if it does not deliver the goal being pursued – to increase conversion. As such, the process of developing a sales email should be given utmost attention, and several important factors must be put into consideration.

If you have been struggling to come up with an impressive sales email, this post will come in handy. Ensure that your sales email has the following components:

Pay attention to the subject line

Note that the primary objective is to pique the interest of your subscribers. Think of something enticing and remember to keep it as short as possible. Personalize the subject line. Familiarize yourself with spammy words and stay clear of them.

Examples include unique, final, complementary, tempting, donation, solution and discount among many others. You may even want to consider doing the A/B test for your subject lines. It will help you determine the one that will yield the highest open rates and eventually, help you make sales. Always aim at achieving an open rate of about 30-50 percent.

Don’t underestimate the power of the opening line

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The secret is to make the whole thing about them – not you. Resist the urge to start the email with an introduction of yourself or company. Make it about yourself, and you kill your chances of increasing your conversions.

While the subject line is intended to make your subscribers open the email, the opening line determines whether you will get a response from them. The best opening lines are the ones capable of catching the attention of your readers by showing them that you have done enough homework.

The body

The body section of your sales email should be aimed at conveying value by connecting you to the existing and prospective buyers. It is the main point of your email. Keep it focused on solving your prospects’ problem. Stay clear of generic value props. Your subscribers should be able to identify the benefits you present to them in the clearest and most concise manner.

Closing the email

A proper closing should give your readers a clear path of action. Tell your readers exactly what you wish them to do. Note that this crucial point of your sales email may make or break everything. Tread with utmost caution.

Email signature

The signature of your email should be anything else but not a distraction. Also, don’t make it a source of cliché inspiration. The rule of thumb when it comes to developing email signature is;

  • Keep it short – the reader should be able to view the entire signature without the need to scroll.
  • As simple as possible – you may utilize plain black or white text or neutral colors that are in line with the branding of your company.
  • Make it strategic – this is where you provide your contact information and links to your active social media profiles. A link to a recent and relevant blog post or customer testimonial may also be presented at this point. Do you have a product offering? Make it known to your reader. All the information you include in this part of the sales emails must be up to date.

Once you are done writing a sales email, pass it to someone you trust so they can give their opinion. Note that no man is an island. Even the best copywriters need to obtain a new perspective. It goes a long way in making a positive impact on their messages.

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