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The 8 Most Effective Words To Use In Your Next Email

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Have you reached a point in your career as an email marketer where you feel like your efforts are not paying off? Are you stuck and in a dilemma and wondering what it is you have not done? Don’t give up just yet! No matter what you have or haven’t accomplished, there is always room for improvement.

Success in email marketing does not solely depend on your being the best copywriter in the world. It calls for making several adjustments and embracing changes as they come. It demands that you understand what works for your subscribers, and what doesn’t. It dictates that you know and play around with the psychology of your existing and prospective customers.

In this post, we bring to your attention the eight most useful terms that you can include in your next email to increase your conversion rates.

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  1. You/your – human beings are inherently selfish! Use this trait to your advantage. Always write your emails as if you were speaking to the customer directly. It gives them a sense of belonging. Doing so usually appeal to them. The objective is to make the whole thing about the reader rather than yourself.
  2. Safe and effective – the modern consumer is very cautious as far as the safety of the products he or she buys is concerned. The use of the terms “safe and effective” helps to minimize a customer’s risk perception for health as well as monetary loss.
  3. Guaranteed – use this powerful word to make your subscribers feel like they have nothing to lose, but instead, everything to gain. However, avoid overpromising. Should you decide to use this word, make sure that your product can support the claim.
  4. Now – this word comes in handy when you want your list to act because it creates a sense of urgency. Look at it as part of a call to action. Use it in instances such as subscribe now, act now, or shop now and so on and so forth.
  5. New – nothing intrigues a customer than the latest products or offers in the market. It instantly grabs their attention.
  6. Thank you – a little appreciation for your customers goes a long way in attracting and retaining customers. It makes them feel loved. Each time you attain a new milestone; don’t forget to thank your customers for being a part of the success. If possible, go out of your way and thank them by offering a new deal. Also, always write a kind email to thank new subscribers.
  7. Free – this term is compelling – for lack of a better word. It has what it takes to trigger the emotions and excitement of your customers. Whenever the opportunity arises, do not shy away from using the word “free.”
  8. Tips – all of us require a little help occasionally. We are always in search of fresh and effective ways of accomplishing tasks. Consumers want to know the different ways your product or service can simplify or improve their lives. Every once in a while, send emails packed with useful tips to your list.
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