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Email Automation 101: How to Use Automation

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As an email marketer, you must have heard so much about email automation. If you are new in email marketing, you are wondering what it is all about, and why there is such a massive hype surrounding it.

Read this post to the end to understand what email automation is when it is used and the benefits of using it.

What is email automation?

It is the most efficient method of engaging your list in email marketing. It makes it possible for a marketer to send out messages to his or her customers at designated times. Brand owners do not have time to send out personalized messages to their subscribers. The use of automation saves time.

The email platform is set up in a manner that prompts it to send messages whenever customers behave in a particular way. As robotic as it sounds, email automation permits business owners to construct closer relationships with their customers by ensuring effective communication as well as continued brand awareness.

When is email automation used?

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Contrary to widespread perception, email automation should not be used at all times. Email marketers must be careful not to abuse it, lest it works against them. There are specific instances when email automation should be used namely;

  • A thank you and welcome message – each time you get a new subscriber, it is advisable that you send them a welcome and thank you note. Besides letting them know that they have been added to your list, an automated thank you email should give your new subscribers an idea of what they can expect from the messages they will receive from you in future.
  • Follow-up after purchase – your customers want to feel appreciated each time they buy your product or service. Rather than draft a thank you message each time there is a conversion, use email automation to send messages every time there is a purchase. In such a message, you may recommend additional product/services.
  • Periodic surveys – this is an engagement tactic that gives you the opportunity to know what your subscribers think of your products and the entire shopping experience. By engaging them in this manner, you make them feel loved and appreciated. You may use email automation to send out surveys periodically.
  • Sending email series – this is dependent on the nature of your business. Individuals who are into offering online courses or tutorials will find email automation extremely useful. Break your courses or tutorials into several series and have them delivered at predetermined intervals, say weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or quarterly and so on and so forth.

Benefits of email automation

If used correctly, email automation is a powerful tool. Here are the benefits reaped from its application;

  • It is a huge time saver. It allows the creation of multiple posts and campaigns ahead of time which are then scheduled for sending out at a future specified date and time.
  • Allows brands to make maximum use of their resources. For instance, one member of staff is enough to handle email marketing campaigns if email automation is implemented.
  • By reducing your marketing team, you also get to spend less money on your email marketing campaigns.
  • You do not have to be tech-savvy to use email automation. The majority of email automation software available in the market is easy to use.
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