\ Sending Valentine’s Day Emails? Make This Easy Change For Awesome Results

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Sending Valentine’s Day Emails? Make This Easy Change For Awesome Results

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So, you have been holding Valentine’s Day email marketing campaigns year in and year out, yet the results keep deteriorating? Do not give up just yet! A few changes here and there are just what you need to witness awesome results.

Valentine’s Day comes once in a year – and the more reasons marketers must do everything possible to make the most out of it!

Valentine’s Day is famous for love and romance. After appreciating this fact, the first and foremost thing a marketer must establish is how their brand fits into this special day. Failure to get this part right may render all your email marketing campaigns associated with this holiday useless.

Do not worry though; irrespective of the nature of your business, here are suggestions on how to develop a successful Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign.

List segmentation

While segmentation of the subscribers is always a good marketing strategy, it is especially advantageous for emails sent out around Valentine’s period. This is mainly because; demographic points play a significant role in the messages you send out on this intimate holiday.

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Pay attention to demographic factors such as gender, age and interests and so on and so forth. This process should be as easy as ABCs if you usually collect this kind of information at the sign-up phase. Upon segmenting your list by gender or age, craft separate campaigns for each subdivision. This works best where the message and offers are different for the diverse groups.

Whatever factor you choose to use to help segment your list, do not leave out age and it is for obvious reasons. The idea of Valentine’s Day celebration for a 50-year-old couple may be completely different from that of two 18-year-olds.

Be careful with the timing

Crafting appealing emails after segmenting your list is not enough. The timing as far as sending out the emails is concerned, must be optimal. To get the timing right, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it still too early for me to hit the send button?

  • What is the rest of the world doing? When are they promoting their Valentine's offers?

  • How do consumers behave around this period? Specifically, at what point in time do they make the most purchases?

Since February is the month of love, you may want to consider sending out your emails a few days to the D-day. Again, you don’t want to send your emails very late and deny your customers the opportunity to benefit from your offers. In my opinion, the latest a marketer should send out those Valentine’s Day emails is on 12th February.

Make sure that your email template is mobile friendly

Gone are the days when consumers browsed the Internet exclusively from desktop PCs. Today, more than 50% of online shoppers prefer Smartphone and other mobile devices such as tablets to desktop PCs. Remember therefore to code your email in a manner that makes it mobile-friendly.

The needs of your mobile audience should be taken into consideration if you want to reap optimal benefits from your Valentine’s Day email campaign. The importance of implementing responsive email campaigns cannot be overemphasized. You cannot afford to postpone it any further.

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