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6 Ways To Connect With Customers Through Email

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Email is a vital channel when it comes to connecting with customers. Besides being fast, efficient and easy, it is the best way of getting a message out on a large scale. However, many brands are confused on how best to craft email messages that will get read. Emails that only go to the spam folders bring no value to your business. The best way to get your email subscribers to read your emails is to connect with them. If you are wondering how to go about it, here are six tips that you might find effective.

Maintain relevance

Before sending out an email, ensure that the message is relevant to the recipient. The message must offer your customer important information. Note that customers are busy and as such, their interest is limited. No one wants to waste their time reading poorly written and generic emails. If you keep sending boring messages, your readers will never bother to read them. It could be you are promoting a special offer or telling them something they don’t know. Whatever it is; do everything possible to make it worthwhile for them.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the subject line

The rule of the thumb is that subject lines must be relevant. Compliance with anti-spam rules is also mandatory. Always pick an engaging and intriguing subject line. At first glance, your readers will first view the subject line, as well as the opening sentence. With this in mind, you have to make it count! Your language must also be industry friendly.

Stay clear of spammy keywords

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Avoiding spammy keywords and sugary messages go a long way in ensuring that your email passes the spam filters. Examples of spammy words include service, free, help, and guarantee among many others. Make sure that your subject line doesn’t sound sales pitchy.

Exercise patience

The process of building meaningful and lasting customer relationships doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a lot of patience. Do not allow the temptations of rushing the process. Instead, take as much time as is needed to explain ways in which your product or service will benefit your prospective clients. Prospects tend to run away when they feel like they are being rushed.

Allow your customers and prospects a little bit into your world

Customers will pay attention to you if you talk about yourself. If there is something about you that your client base can relate to; why not reveal it to them? Of course, it should be something that isn’t too personal. This is one way of connecting with your customers in a real way.

Sponsor a contest/competition

People love freebies. Nearly everybody does. How about you take advantage of this important little fact to connect with your customers! Besides grabbing their attention, a contest gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers by rewarding their participation. For instance, you may ask them to share videos or creative photos that are associated with a given aspect of your products or business. Allow the other customers to act as the judge by voting for their favorite photos or videos. The selected winner receives a prize either in the form of merchandise or cash.

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