\ 5-Minute Email Tips: Using Color And Content In Your Emails

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5-Minute Email Tips: Using Color And Content In Your Emails

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Among many other things, two things tend to dictate the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign – the colors used, and the content.

When trying to come up with the best email design, a marketer can easily get carried away and consequently miss out on a couple of things. We cannot emphasize the importance of getting things right at this point. You must give your subscribers the right content which is matched by the most appropriate colors. But how do you go about it?

First things first; your content must be valuable to the reader! When it comes to email marketing campaigns, brands compete for two things – a huge readership (list of subscribers), and high conversion rates. Content is key to the realization of this goal. As such, you don’t want to deal with the consequences of bored followers.

For you to attract, retain and convert subscribers to loyal customers, you must know them first. It is imperative to note that you are dealing with people who have diverse needs. Their demographics differ – sometimes considerably. This is where list segmentation comes in handy. You could group your subscribers according to various demographic points such as age, gender, and location among many others. You alone understand your AUDIENCE!

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Upon segmenting your list, create content that matches with their interest. Tell them what you believe they want to hear. Also, avoid long emails as they tend to get boring. Your subscribers have other things to do besides reading your emails. You don’t want to give them a reason to mark your emails as spam – neither do you want them to unsubscribe. Tread carefully! The rule of the thumb is to keep your emails short, yet engaging! The overall idea is to keep your readers engaged without overwhelming them with messages!

Apart from indulging creativity, marketers must also aspire to be consistent. Your brand image must be consistent across all platforms that allow you to interact with your customers and prospects. A person who has interacted with your brand should be in a position to recognize it – in your website, business cards, as well as email – immediately.

This strategy offers two benefits;

  • Gives birth to an enjoyable user experience and
  • Makes it extremely easy for your target customers to connect better with your brand

This can only happen when the most appropriate color scheme is implemented. Your color theme must match with the things that represent your brand such as your website and logo. Be careful not to go overboard with colors. Your choice of color instantly dictates the value of your emails to your customers.

Truth be told; you may not have enough say in the logo or color palette of your brand. However, you can play around with button and text colors and different graphics to help maintain the consistency and value of the message communicated on your emails. While colors may have different meanings for different people, this drawback is covered by the ability of the marketer to ensure consistency at all times. Do everything possible to give your subscribers a fun, seamless, as well as interesting experiences each time your messages hit their inbox.

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