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5 Easy Ways To Grow Your Email List And Revenue

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Growing an email list, and ultimately revenue is never a walk in the park. It takes time, persistence and a never giving up spirit. It requires one to be tactful and on the lookout for fresh and practical strategies. If you feel like you are taking forever to achieve your email list goal, it’s possible you aren’t getting things right. You may want to consider implementing the following five easy tips to cause growth both in your email list and revenue.

Content is key

If you want to maintain your subscribers, you must always create remarkable email content. Give your current readers a reason to forward your content to their family, colleagues, and friends that are not already on your email list. Apart from availing incredible email content, always include a forward link. It is an easy way of encouraging your readers to forward your content to people they think will be interested.


If you or your employees usually spend an entire day interacting with many existing and prospective customers on the telephone, you may want to consider taking advantage of it. Before hanging up, grab the opportunity to ask them if they would love to be included in your email list. Let them know the benefits of doing so such as having access to exclusive discounts and offers that are only available to the email subscribers.

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Keep them engaged on social media

Participating in social media allows brands to reach new audiences and obtain new connections. Always be up to date with the trending topics that your customers and prospects are interested in. Using the various social media platforms, show people how they can sign up to your email list. Remember to keep them sufficiently engaged so that they do not hesitate to become your email subscribers.

Grab the attention of your website visitors

The last thing you want to do is to let your website visitors get away without providing their email addresses. If a visitor goes through the whole website and they don’t opt in, give them one last chance before they opt out. Consider setting a lightbox that appears whenever a visitor is making his or her way out of the website or blog – requesting for an email address. While not everybody will be willing to give their email addresses, there is no doubt that a good number will not mind.


If you haven’t done so yet, try sponsoring a video contest in the way you deem fit. One easy way would be to organize a one-minute video contest where customers are asked to explain what they love about your company or products/services. Besides sending them to you, request the participants to post their videos on the wall or pages of your social media profile such as Facebook, Twitter and so on and so forth. Rather than be the judge yourself, invite other visitors to vote for the videos they believe deserves to win a product or cash prize. Note that social sites have set rules and regulations that govern the management of contests – remember to follow them to the latter.

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