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4 Ways Interactive Content Can Up Your Email Marketing Game

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Every serious email marketer knows how important it is to stay on top of the game – especially amidst the ever intensifying rivalry in the world of business. It requires going the extra mile. Dedication and persistence are critical virtues in the email marketing game. The current hype as far as taking full advantage of email marketing campaign is interactive content. Nearly every marketer is eyeing this useful strategy. Note that interactive content is not a new phenomenon at all. It’s just that more and more email marketers are reaping significant benefits from its application.

When interactive elements are used within an email, they permit fun and new experiences, besides increasing engagement with the message. Of utmost importance is to have the ability to understand when and where to invest in them. The use of interactive content need not be a daunting affair in the first place. There are a couple of ways that you can obtain valuable intelligence from your subscribers while giving them the opportunity to engage with your product.

Here are four practical ways through which interactive content can improve your email marketing game.

Surveys and polls – although not new, email marketers tend to shun surveys and polls most of the time. The majority of brands wait a long time before taking a survey. If used on a regular basis, surveys can help companies get a living snapshot of how their products are doing. Try throwing a couple of questions to every new subscriber, and to your whole list on a periodical basis.

GIFS – a good number of people have embraced GIFs mainly because they are fun. Just recently social media platforms such as Facebook included GIFs in the interface to make the experience of the users more interesting. You can also use GIFs in your emails. They come in handy as far as bringing delight to the emails is concerned. However, GIFs can also be used to illustrate a product or feature.

Real time marketing – this strategy is essential to marketers, and it is used by quite a huge number of businesses across the world. Unfortunately, only a few marketers know how to translate this strategy into emails. Real time marketing is instant, automated and integrated. A successful real time email marketing approach is dependent on one crucial aspect – data. As such:

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  • Get hold of the behavioral data of your customers. It helps you establish the best way to engage them using real time messages. A good example is the utilization of countdown tickers if your customers usually respond well to limited time offers.
  • Demographic data comes in handy as well. A smart marketer appreciates the value of tailoring offers to the age, income level, gender and other demographic factors. Demographics are especially useful where real time offers are involved.
  • You should also have your customers’ geographic information. It goes a long way in helping you make real time messages as relevant as possible. For instance, you can customise your real time offers according to the events or functions happening in different parts of the country or world.

The key takeaways in real time email marketing is getting to know your customers and pursuing relevance, getting the timing right, adopting a simple design, and most importantly, delivering value to your audience.

Personalisation – humans are social beings. They will never say no to recognition, and this is something that marketers need to capitalize on. Marketers have access to a lot of data about their existing and potential consumers including their location and habits. By combining big data and real time data, brands can personalize a wide array of content directly to their subscribers.

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