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Autoresponders And E-Marketing

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AutoResponder Comparison Table



Internet marketing has thrown in a lot of possibilities to the owner of the companies.

Gone are the days when the companies used to approach people at their doorsteps, to enlighten them about the products. Emails are being used these days to get the customers and to market the products.

But, to send emails to each and every prospective customer individually, get his/her response, send the company’s e-zine, would take a lot of time.

To get these things done manually, more hands are needed. That is where, the role of the auto responders comes into play. 

What is autoresponder

The autoresponder is software that just like the secretary, maintains the email lists, receives and responds to emails on its own. That way, the time of the salesman or the company is saved, and also the expenditure that would have incurred. 

Why to have an autoresponder

The autoresponder stacks the list of the customers, and it can be tuned in, to send emails at certain frequency or time intervals. The mails can be any written document like the company’s brochure, the special discount or promotional offers etc.

The autoresponder can discern among the types of clients. Different materials can be also sent to different lists. The lists can be categorised like the lists of future customers, list of people who are already customers etc.

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Suggested materials that can be sent through the autoresponders

a. The company’s promotional materials can be sent through the autorespoders to the different subscribers. They can be the brochure, operational manuals. 

b. The newsletters, describing about the products and services you give and hence, want to promote, can be timely delivered with the help of the autoresponders. 

c. The autoresponders can dutifully deliver the e-courses in time. The different supplements of them can also be delivered when asked for, by the subscribers. 

d. Articles relating to different topics can be delivered through the autoresponders to those publishers and companies who are in need of them, at regular intervals.

They can be segmented on the basis of the types and can be sent a particular set of articles to those publishers who want them. This makes the management of the delivery system smooth and hassle-free. 

e. The post transactional operation can be done automatically and smoothly with the help of the autoresponders. When products for a particular order are sent, its follow-up actions, like the reminding the maintenance and servicing offers, could be done easily. 

f. Promotional offers of your products that you propose from time to time can be sent to the subscribers, in a regulated way with the help of the autoresponders. 

These are the different materials that can be sent through the autoresponders. Care should be maintained in sending the proper material that is exactly meant for the subscriber. Remember the autoresponder only makes the sending part easy.

The messages itself are to be created by you. Hence, to make it more attractive and appealing, you can use HTML templates to look it more it enticing. Even photos, pictures messages can also be sent.

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