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All You Need To Know About Email Marketing

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Email marketing, as is obvious from the name, is establishing marketing relations through the help of electronic mail. It is rapidly becoming one of the most common methods used by companies and businesses to acquire potential customers by acquainting them with the products, strengthening present relations with regular subscribers, building a greater and profitable network of partnerships, and soliciting services and donations.

Advantages ofemail marketing

It is considerably cheaper and convenient than other means of communication. It provides a larger canvas for posting advertisements, creating contacts and marketing products. It is also more viable means of communication, as it lets the companies deliver any message to a fixed corpus of potential and loyal customers. Hence one is able to estimate the success rate of the marketing campaign compared to website marketing, where one has to depend on people to visit personally. It is a more direct and useful way of establishing new connections and strengthening previous loyalties.


There are two types: direct and indirect mail

When mails containing direct content such as advertisements or special offers are sent to prospective or regular clients then it is called direct mail while your content is posted on other people’s mails to the recipients, then it is called indirect mail. Direct mail is more effective in forging new customer relations, as the sender’s content forms the exclusive matter in the mail.

A word of caution

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However, sound knowledge is required regarding the legal permissibility of email marketing. Emails should be sent only to people who have requested for them. Unsolicited emails are treated as spam. Sending spasm could be grievously hazardous to the reputation of any institution.

Some handy tips:

  • Send relevant mails to people who have requested for them
  • Maintaining regularity is advisable as it creates a good impression as well as ensures active relation between the recipient, and the marketing institution. However, too frequent sending of emails could have an adverse effect on the recipient. In order to avoid running the risk of annoying a prospective customer, it is advisable to send mails monthly or bi-weekly.
  • Marketing research has revealed that the best time range to ensure optimum viewership of mails for business recipients is from Tuesday to Thursday, between 9.30 AM and 3.00 PM. For consumers, weekends are to be targeted, from Friday to Sunday, between 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM.
  • Adding a message for the mail ascertains that one’s email doesn’t get ignored in the bulk emails of the recipient
  • It is pivotal to send both versions of the mail, plain text and HTML
  • One needs to be cautious against sending content written in Upper Case letters, as it will be deemed as Spam.
  • Always attach an ‘Unsubscribe’ option with your mail. It is very helpful to detect unresponsive or disinterested consumers.

Thus email marketing is a very profitable means of communication if it is done in a legal way.

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