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Autoresponders - A Marketing Revolution

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AutoResponder Comparison Table


Secretaries have always been part and parcel of any business enterprise.

They make the different clients or customer’s lists, send the mails to different addresses enlightening and alluring about the products, reply to the queries regarding the products, send the regular newsletters etc. But this is not so anymore.

With the growing market of internet, they have been made redundant. Their places have been taken up by what is called autoresponders. 

Autoresponders are basically computer software that does the works of the erstwhile secretaries like sending mails, making the different lists of clients and customers, responding to their mails in a matter of minutes.

And the great thing is, it does all these on its own, without the help of the manger or the owner. Actually, he need not be near the computer. With increasing capability, the autoresponders have become more smart and useful.

Different mails can be sent by the autoresponders maintaining preordained time intervals. This is really helpful in sending the brochures, literatures containing the details of the products. 

Let’s find out the exact things the autoresponders can do in facilitating and boosting the business. 

- To send emails through autoresponders – The first and foremost the duty the autoresponders does of course is to send the rudimentary emails.

They can be congratulation messages for purchasing your product. Emails thanking visitors, who look at your website and also sign the guest books giving their emails addresses, can also be sent through the autoresponders.

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This would help in keeping the communication line with the visitor, who might be your possible future customer or client, alive. 

Conveying the receipt of forms – The receipt of forms or acknowledgements can be sent immediately through the autoresponders to any visitor, who happens to fill up the online form.

This will feel him wanted and would also give a high impression of the professionalism of the company.

Delivery of literatures, newsletters through autoresponders – They can send the literatures, newsletters, even the promotional offers.

The autoresponders can be timed in such way to fix the frequency or the time intervals of deliveries, otherwise the customers might feel being pestered, prompting him to view them as spams.

Help for writers – Autoresponders helps the writers in sending automatically the write-ups to publishers when solicited by them. This boosts the reputation of the writer. 

Delivery of course materials – Many people look to get enlightened sitting in the comfort of their home. So professionals can delivery their course material through the autoresponders to any one who is interested. 

Individuality is passed through – With the increasing number of spam mails bombarding every other inbox, people are apprehensive of opening them. If the names and individuals details are sent through, then the reader’s interests might get aroused. 

Discount offers – One of the most important and beneficial communication that can be done through the autoresponders is by making the customers aware of the product’s promotional offers like the discounts, the new products recently launched etc. 

This is how, the autoresponders, have become integral parts of any business enterpriser.

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