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Marketing Autoresponder – A Gateway To Online Marketing

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Top AutoResponders
AutoResponder Comparison Table


Marketing Autoresponder has become the need of the day, in today’s fast paced online business environment. Autoresponder is an effective tool to promote the products online. Technically speaking, it is a program designed to send automatic replies/ messages to the listed/ target customers, who send mails to it. It could be a simple return mail or acknowledgement or a newsletter, describing your products and services, the purpose of which is to generate further interest.

Have you ever tried to send a single mail to a large group of customers through mail merge? One must have sent online greetings to a group of friends with an option to deliver on a particular date. You must have received auto messages, when someone you contacted is out of station. This way, on an average a netizen must be receiving such autoresponders/ automailers @ two per day. It could be a promotional magazine or a follow up message.

Depending upon the business requirements, an autoresponder could be simple or in a way complex. Marketing autoresponder thus depends upon the target business group. Hence, one should be aware of the types of autoresponders available and should be in a position to suggest a suitable one to the customer.

A good autoresponder should always be user-friendly. It should also contain the following features:

  • Customization of mailers
  • Free from advertisements/ spams
  • Prompt response
  • Categorization of information
  • Self controlling mechanism
  • Flexibility

Advantages of autoresponders:

One should be aware of the advantages of the automailers while marketing autoresponder.

  • It is cost effective
  • Time saving device
  • Large database facility
  • Unlimited text usage
  • Handle multiple tasks simultaneously

Whom to Target for Marketing Autoresponder:

1. Small and medium entrepreneurs who cannot spend more time and money on manpower in promoting their products.

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2. Functional heads in an organization, who are on the look out for customized mailers in their day-to-day operations. Sales/ Marketing Head may require autoresponder to do customer follow ups at regular intervals. HR Head would require autoresponders to send acknowledgements/ reminders to their employees on social security payments or other contributions.

3. Individual writers who would like to send their articles/ updates to publishers by placing their articles in autoresponders.

4. Head of an organization may prefer a simple automailer that send acknowledgements/ direct the clients to respective department/ keep in touch with the employees on regular basis.

5. Any business group that has a very large customer base. Marketing autoresponder to this group proves beneficial to their business marketing activities. Product information can be mailed to target customers in the form of a simple newsletter. Any business/ service sector can use autoresponders to publicize their products and services. If you have more products, description of the product with further links could also be given.

How to market Autoresponder: Once the target group is identified, marketing automailers becomes easier. Initially explain the customers the features and advantages of autoresponder and how it helps their business grow.

Give them a demonstration/ presentation on how it works. Ensure customization of the mailers, which should also be flexible to suit the changing requirements.

Install the autoresponder for a limited period at free of cost. Let the customer use it and feel the advantages.

Ensure free training to the users or provide a detailed user manual for future references,

Provide technical support for a specified time period. Once they start using it, it becomes indispensable.

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